Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Farscape Season 1 Episode 1 2 and 3

This was a show I always watched in bits and pieces when it was on, but was never able to catch in much detail while it was on.

3 episodes in, I haven't seen anything spectacularly unique, but the characters are fun and compelling, even if they are mostly pretty strict references.

More importantly, at this point I don't remember anybody's name except for Chricton, so I'll try to post more on them later. they haven't really emerged as anything other than references yet (Dago is White Worf, for example).

I do like Moia, the living ship, although I am not clear on the rules. Is she a space whale that has had mechanical systems installed? She seems to have valves and things. She is intelligent, but not able to directly communicate. What is the deal with Pilot? I assume she is a symbiont of some kind with the space whale.

I really like the little references:

"Looks like Dagobah. You know, where Yoda was from?"

"I'm sure you're world has no force so terrifying, so efficient." "We call them linebackers."
"Next planet I'll rent you a copy of animal house."